Shark Fishing in Colombia

Colombia’s marches show little sign of stopping, and protestors have expressed a range of reasons for being on the streets, from frustrations about proposed economic and pension reforms to discontent with the government and a demand for increased education funding. Amongst these many reasons are also the quotas proposed on the fishing of shark species. Back in October, Colombia’s minister of agriculture introduced Resolution 350 … Continue reading Shark Fishing in Colombia

Bogotá’s Scooters: Harmless Fun or Serious Hazard?

Over the last few months, Bogotá has seen an increase in the number of people ditching buses and bikes in favour of electric scooters created by companies such as Lime-S, Grin and Zoom. But what’s all the fuss about? How exactly do these scooters work, and are they more hassle than they’re worth? The Bogotá Post decided to take to the capital’s streets to find out.
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